Featured Art – “The Landscape of Childhood”

“The Landscape of Childhood” ($195.)

My fondest childhood memories happened when we lived in a little house in Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island. With the Bay in my back yard (plus a “boat fort” to boot!) and the Gulf a bike ride away, it was a pretty charmed life to say the least.

I was inspired to create this piece because I came across photos I had taken of the house and the yard and the view when I was about 12. I wanted to find a way to “capture” the spirit of that time, which is how the fish net came into play. And I tried to incorporate elements that were true to the landscape where we lived. I feel like the finished piece is my homage to that wondrous part of my childhood for which I am so grateful. It is dedicated to my mom and my dad and my brother. It couldn’t have happened without them…

Made with salvaged wood and found fish net, black & white photos, old wood floats, shells, driftwood, rope, wire and nails.

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