My Ode to Monday

Check out my Monday mix on Spotify. It might just get you through the day – or at least part of it…

Ah, Monday… What more do I need to say? Monday has a reputation as being the worst day of the week. I guess if you think about it, it really is.

Think about the other days:

Tuesday is probably the most benign day of the week – every other day has some sort of something attached to it. Wednesday everyone is trying to get over a hump. Thursday has the expectation of Friday to come. Friday has the expectation of the weekend to come. And the weekend,,, Saturday is actually my favorite day but for me it comes with a level of transition and winding down after a busy work week. It’s followed close by Sunday. But Sunday brings with it (if one allows it) that dread of Monday looming ahead… And then we’re back to Monday and the whole cycle starts all over again and Monday is still the bad guy.

Am I thinking too much of this? Perhaps, but my thinking has put me on a mission to make Monday a much better day than it currently is. How can Monday be better? I can think of many ways – shifting perception is one of them. But probably the most important of all of them is music. Music makes everything better, including Monday. So I made a mix of songs to help get through a Monday. Take a listen, I hope it helps your Monday better somehow…

My Ode to Monday on Spotify


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