Photo Adventure – Historic Spanish Point

I recently got to visit Historic Spanish Point with my family. Such a great opportunity to take some photos – of course, when isn’t it a great opportunity to take some photos? I absolutely love having a camera with me, traipsing around looking for that perfect shot, the excitement when I know that I have found it…

My dad was with me that day. I always love to get his take on photography and light and composition. Both my parents are amazingly creative, so I was lucky enough to get it from both sides. My dad has always been an incredible photographer and my favorite room in our house when I was a kid was the dark room. I thought it was the ultimate cool fort and I’d sit in the glow of the red light, checking out the film developing stuff. I remember watching photos be developed – I’d see the image start to come to life in the developing tray and thought it was pure magic.

Photography is a little different now than it was then. The digital age has made film photography sort of a lost art. But there are many good things to be said about being able to edit a photo on a computer.  I’m just always so grateful when I have a chance to grab my camera and snap some photos. The gallery above are some of my favorite images from that day at Historic Spanish Point.

Art Therapy

Color Therapy photo

I looked at the date of my last blog post and couldn’t believe it – April 2, 2019. Almost a year ago – holy crap…  A lot has happened since then, good and not so good. I’ve let the good things lift me up: my wife and cats and our home, family and friends, music, nature… All these things make life so much better and when there are tough times they inevitably carry you through. I have so much to be grateful for.

I’ve been reminded this week that creativity is another one of those things that can keep one calm and grounded during tough times. This week has caused me to get out my coloring book, pens and colored pencils as a means to help de-stress. The current global situation is surreal to say the least. We have to find ways to stay calm, be patient and be kind to one another. Most of all, we need to take care of ourselves so we can stay well and move through the coming weeks as calmly as possible. So do something creative: color, read, draw, write, paint, whatever makes you happy and helps bring you peace.

In the meantime, I’ll be  coloring and sending you all a big prayer for good health and well-being…

At Any Moment…

This was one of those pieces that seemed to create itself. I had a general idea and all of the elements came together in a very synchronistic way. It is always so amazing when this happens – the way energy flows effortlessly and the feeling of being a part of something larger than myself… See my Etsy shop for more details,


New goal for the new year = one new piece of art a week. Realistic? We’ll see. But here’s where it begins… #art #mixedmedia #2019 #create #inspiration #color #love #kerrytopjun 

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2018

AHB 2018

I’ve been working on new art, getting ready for Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2018. It’s Lucky Season 13 and, as always, I can’t wait for this cool event! If you’ve never been, you’re missing out – it’s the perfect place to shop local for yourself or all your favorite people on your holiday gift list. So put it on your calendar now and come see us the second weekend in December, Saturday and Sunday, December 8 + 9!! Hope to see you there!!

For more info:


When I was growing up, I always had a box of stuff. It was a small wooden box and it housed all my treasure: rocks and shells, little animal toys and playing cards, coins and stamps… It made me so happy.  

I still have boxes of stuff, only now I get to use all of it to make art. And it still makes me happy. 

The box in the photo is one of my favorites and houses some of my most favorite stuff. I found it at an artist’s estate sale on Longboat Key. It’s a vintage paintbrush box with a cool metal latch. But my favorite part of it is the image on the inside of the top of the box. It says “Product of Florida,” which is exactly what I am…

Karmic Bingo

Karmic Bingo No. 6
Karmic Bingo No. 6 (5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″) – $28. Click here to purchase or view in my Etsy shop.

Once again, music inspires… This mixed media assemblage is made with various found objects and vintage paper on salvaged wood. It is one in a series of six pieces, inspired by a song called “Rise.” The song says more than I ever could, so I’ll just leave you with the lyrics and a link to the song on YouTube…


RISE (ft Ursula Rucker & Roy Ayers) by Richard Earnshaw
we are living in perilous times, living with perilous people, doing some… perilous things to one another
the small hand is on. evil and mayhem, the big hand is on. well, that’s your choice.
the big hand can be on fear, and hopelessness
or we can sift through all af this bullshit and uplift …
to a higher understanding of why humans choose war… over love. .
way we can touch back down on God’s brown, green, blue earth …
with tolerance, knowledge, compassion for when other humans hurt…
tolerance, knowledge, compassion for how other folks pray … little different. .
tolerance, knowledge, compassion for how other folks speak a little different.
tolerance, knowledge, compassion for the fact that, we ain’t just a pronoun. . a little itty bitty word
it’s a state of being. .
a collective, a community.
a world community, the human family.
sounds corny yeah i know but. we. better start thinking, moving, breathing along these lines or else.
we may not be thinking, moving, breathing for our selves
we may not be thinking, moving breathing. .loving, or even fighting
anymore. .
at all coz it… this thing we call life and living will all be over .
over some land
over some oil
over some commerce
some. sub-human shit so.
uplift. before there will be no more sunshine.
for babies to get brown beneath
so reach high inside for what ever u need
to uplift and. .
set that big hand on change and love and all that good stuff and. and…