Gearing Up…

Hurricane Irma wasn’t all bad – I salvaged some great fence boards to use for my smaller art. This means plenty of new inventory for the upcoming Atomic Holiday Bazaar in December. Can’t hardly wait…


Work Made Simpler

One of the best gifts ever from my dad and stepmom! This chop saw made quick and easy work of cutting up salvaged fence boards for small art. It’s helping me get ready for a couple of upcoming events… FOUND Treasures for Living will be participating in The Junior League Holiday Gift Market in Tampa, Nov. 10-13 and Atomic Holiday Bazaar happens in Sarasota, December 10-11. I’ll also be taking some new work to FOUND in Dunedin soon! 

For more info:

Holiday Gift Market

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2013

atomicpostcard_(2)It’s almost here!

One of my favorite weekends of the year and I can’t wait! I am counting the days til we get to set up our booth display and take part in this cool event… But until then, I’ll be the one finishing up as many pieces of art as I can!

Just Begin

A lot of times for me the most difficult part of creating a new piece of art is simply getting started. Occasionally I will be fortunate enough to have a complete vision for a new piece – like some divine force has allowed me the clarity to see every element and detail. All I have to do is gather what I need and put it all together. But most of the time I have only the first couple of ideas about where a new piece is headed. It seems harder to start these pieces because I have a tendency to want to know more before I begin. For example, I know the inside of the cool vintage drawer in the photo above is supposed to be lined with old sheet music. I KNOW it. I also feel like the nautilus shell I previously posted will be incorporated somehow. What happens after that? I have absolutely no idea.

Art has a life of its own. If I can remember to get out of my own way and trust the creative process, I know I will be led in the right direction. It is definitely a leap of faith – one that I will keep making over and over. So today I will just begin by papering the inside of this cool drawer and see where it takes me… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Work in Progress

This is one of several vintage drawers that a friend found for me. I used gesso to give the inside some texture then painted the whole thing cobalt blue. After adding the vintage map and scuffing up the edges with sandpaper, I added a coat of amber shellac for a more cohesive look. What’s really cool is that all the elements to finish this piece – to be titled “The Journey” – are lined up on my work table. Watch for photos of the finished work!



Cool New Finds

I found these cool items recently – the airplane is a pin that was found at a yard sale and the Aviators Log was purchased from an estate. They’ll both be used in a new travel-themed piece that I’ve been working on… I particularly love the Aviators Flight Log Book. There are entries from the 1940s. Things that have such interesting history like this log book always make me think about the people they belonged to – I wonder who they were and where they came from and what they knew. And I’m humbled by the fact that a little piece of them can live on in my art…