There’s No Place Like Home

“There’s No Place Like Home”

This piece of mixed media art is meant as an homage to my hometown. I was born here and I have lived here all my life. I used to thank my parents for having me in Florida, and I have always felt lucky because I’ve never felt the need to live anywhere else. I love this place so much and it has always felt like home.

I created this piece of art using a vintage road map, vintage parrot stamp, and other found elements on an 8” x 8” cradled wood panel. The palm tree is actually located in the bay front park in my neighborhood; the photo was taken by me.

My work is representative of the love I have for where I live and the love I have in my life. I’m so grateful for all I have and I put all that love and gratitude into each piece of art I create.

I’m not sure where this piece ended up, as it was donated as part of a gift basket for The Women’s Council of Realtors Sarasota. It was auctioned off and proceeds went to benefit the NISSI Project which helps survivors of human trafficking.

I hope wherever it is that it will be a subtle reminder to always take the scenic route (in my family we call it “the back way”), to find the things for which to be grateful and to remember that there’s no place like home.


My Ode to Monday

Check out my Monday mix on Spotify. It might just get you through the day – or at least part of it…

Ah, Monday… What more do I need to say? Monday has a reputation as being the worst day of the week. I guess if you think about it, it really is.

Think about the other days:

Tuesday is probably the most benign day of the week – every other day has some sort of something attached to it. Wednesday everyone is trying to get over a hump. Thursday has the expectation of Friday to come. Friday has the expectation of the weekend to come. And the weekend,,, Saturday is actually my favorite day but for me it comes with a level of transition and winding down after a busy work week. It’s followed close by Sunday. But Sunday brings with it (if one allows it) that dread of Monday looming ahead… And then we’re back to Monday and the whole cycle starts all over again and Monday is still the bad guy.

Am I thinking too much of this? Perhaps, but my thinking has put me on a mission to make Monday a much better day than it currently is. How can Monday be better? I can think of many ways – shifting perception is one of them. But probably the most important of all of them is music. Music makes everything better, including Monday. So I made a mix of songs to help get through a Monday. Take a listen, I hope it helps your Monday better somehow…

My Ode to Monday on Spotify

The Sweetest Thing

I just finished this piece. I just put the last turn on the rusty vintage screw that I just rooted around for on the porch that holds the metal daisy in place. I had to finish it – it’s been one of those weeks and I had to do something that would make me feel good, make me feel happy, make me feel productive, make me feel like I was doing what I was put on this planet to do: find as many paths to love within myself as I possibly can and put that love back out into the world in as many ways as I possibly can. It is not always easy, but in the end it is always worth it.

This mixed media piece was created on a 14 1/4” x 20 3/8“ wood board with paint and various paper elements, including a vintage map of the world, vintage sheet music, postage and green stamps, and adapted text from a vintage piano piece called “Love is the Sweetest Thing,” words and music by Ray Noble, copyright 1932.

I love vintage sheet music – I feel like I could find a million ways to use it. For this piece, it seemed one of the only elements that made sense. Music is love over the airwaves, the outburst of one’s soul…

This sheet music-inspired piece will be available in my Etsy shop tomorrow. I hope you’ll take a peek. In the meantime, make sure you do something that makes you happy and remember that love is the sweetest thing.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold – Now available in my Etsy shop

This mixed media assemblage was created using a weathered, salvaged board as the canvas. Various elements, typography and painting techniques come together with the message that “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

People often mistake financial wealth as a sign of having “fortune.” I like the definition I found when I was doing research for this piece:

noun: fortune; plural noun: fortunes

  1. chance or luck as an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs

If that’s the case, then two things come to mind:

  1. “Fortune” can be anything – one can be fortunate in love or business or health or, yes, even money.
  2. We can manifest our own luck by being bold enough to pursue our dreams.

In this art piece, American poet Mary Oliver (1935-2019) poses the timeless question:
“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Once you decide, be bold and follow your heart. It will not lead you astray.

Measures about 14” wide x 6” high x 1 1/2” deep (not including the chain). The piece has a painted chain hanger = ready to hang on your wall.

Thank you for looking and thank you for your support of local artists. It means more now than ever!

Pure Energy

“Pure Energy”

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

All I can say is this: if you want something badly enough, go for it. I can tell you from personal experience that Ben Franklin was right. This statement is true – 100%. It may not happen in the timeframe you think it should, it may feel like it is NEVER going to happen, and it will definitely take every ounce of energy you have and persistence you didn’t even know you had. You cannot give up, you must be patient, you must try hard to maintain faith. It may not be easy, it will most likely be terrifying. But in the end, if it is something you are truly passionate about, if it is something – or someone – you truly love, it will be the best thing you ever did.

By the way, this quote by Benjamin Franklin is my wife’s favorite. She’s the inspiration for this and many (maybe most) of my pieces of art. She’s also the reason I know this quote is true.

Put your energy into what you love, be brave, be persistent, follow your heart… You won’t be disappointed.

That’s what this piece is about. You can see more pictures of it in my Etsy shop:

Gifts for A New Year

Happy New Year!

As we move into 2021 we leave the last year behind us and start fresh with hopes of good things to come. In order to start the year right, I’ve updated my Etsy shop and added some new work. And in order to celebrate this with you, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed through Valentine’s Day 2021. Art is a lasting gift, whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, and I’m hoping a visit to my shop will inspire you in some way.


Use coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR to get free shipping, and be sure to check back often – I’ve got more new pieces on the way!!

I’m so grateful for all the love and support that comes from clients, family and friends throughout the year. I hope each of you has a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!

Photo Adventure – Historic Spanish Point

I recently got to visit Historic Spanish Point with my family. Such a great opportunity to take some photos – of course, when isn’t it a great opportunity to take some photos? I absolutely love having a camera with me, traipsing around looking for that perfect shot, the excitement when I know that I have found it…

My dad was with me that day. I always love to get his take on photography and light and composition. Both my parents are amazingly creative, so I was lucky enough to get it from both sides. My dad has always been an incredible photographer and my favorite room in our house when I was a kid was the dark room. I thought it was the ultimate cool fort and I’d sit in the glow of the red light, checking out the film developing stuff. I remember watching photos be developed – I’d see the image start to come to life in the developing tray and thought it was pure magic.

Photography is a little different now than it was then. The digital age has made film photography sort of a lost art. But there are many good things to be said about being able to edit a photo on a computer.  I’m just always so grateful when I have a chance to grab my camera and snap some photos. The gallery above are some of my favorite images from that day at Historic Spanish Point.

Art Therapy

Color Therapy photo

I looked at the date of my last blog post and couldn’t believe it – April 2, 2019. Almost a year ago – holy crap…  A lot has happened since then, good and not so good. I’ve let the good things lift me up: my wife and cats and our home, family and friends, music, nature… All these things make life so much better and when there are tough times they inevitably carry you through. I have so much to be grateful for.

I’ve been reminded this week that creativity is another one of those things that can keep one calm and grounded during tough times. This week has caused me to get out my coloring book, pens and colored pencils as a means to help de-stress. The current global situation is surreal to say the least. We have to find ways to stay calm, be patient and be kind to one another. Most of all, we need to take care of ourselves so we can stay well and move through the coming weeks as calmly as possible. So do something creative: color, read, draw, write, paint, whatever makes you happy and helps bring you peace.

In the meantime, I’ll be  coloring and sending you all a big prayer for good health and well-being…