To Unpathed Waters…


“Unpathed Waters”

Made with vintage ephemera (nautical chart, artwork from a 1948 souvenir program, Spanish postage stamp)

Quote is from Winter’s Tale, Act IV, Scene 4 by William Shakespeare

This piece can be seen in person at this weekend’s Brocante Market!

Good Start…

Looking north toward the downtown Sarasota from the approach to the Siesta Key Bridge.
Looking north toward downtown Sarasota from the approach to the Siesta Key Bridge.

Every weekday I get to drive over the north bridge to Siesta Key on my way to my part-time office job. Every day that I drive over this bridge I am grateful. I am always grateful for where I live – I have to thank my parents profusely for having me in Florida and not someplace where the temperature is hovering around freezing right now. But I feel more acutely aware of my gratitude whenever I am near the water. Every single time I drive over this bridge I am blown away by the beauty of this amazing place that is my home… This morning the bridge was up, the tide was out and I was fortunate enough to stop my vehicle in a spot that was perfect to take a quick photo. Pretty good way to start a day…

Bay Front Mystery

rocksFor a while now someone has been creating cool rock formations in my neighborhood. The first creations we saw were next to the sidewalk along the main road that runs through the neighborhood. Then they started showing up in the water at the little bay front park near my house. When the tide is out you can see them really well. But even at high tide you can see the tops of some of them – like natural pieces of art created for anyone passing by to see. Each one looks like it has been well thought out – stacked precisely and with great care…rocks2

I am so intrigued by these rock formations. I wonder who is making them. I am grateful I live in a neighborhood where this would happen. Part of me wants to know: who? what? when? where? why? how? But part of me simply enjoys the mystery of it all…

Favorite Places – New Pass Grill

New Pass Grill is not fancy – the menu is limited, you place your order at the counter and seating is at picnic tables or bar stools outside. But the view is amazing and anytime I have been there, no matter how I was feeling, I instantly felt better. The best table in the house resides in the sand – you can take off your shoes and if the tide’s just right you can put your feet in the water while you eat. Just a little bit of Heaven on earth and it’s a quick 10 minute drive from where I live… Lucky me…

Black & White Photography

Anna Maria City Pier on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Photography has always been one of my passions. I started taking photographs around the coastal area where I grew up and still live hoping to capture the way it looked and felt when I was a kid. I love black and white photography and thought combining this format with old wood that looked like driftwood could evoke a feeling of “Old Florida.”

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The Sea Hagg

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be at The Sea Hagg. This is one of the coolest local shops! The owner, Jan Holman, and her crew have created a nautical wonderland right in the middle of Cortez, FL. Cortez has an amazing history and is one of my favorite places to be. It’s one of the last working fishing villages on the Gulf Coast and it still has that great “Old Florida” feel to it. The photos I’ve included were all taken in the yard at The Sea Hagg – and the inside of the shop is just as cool. If you’re in the area be sure to check it out then stop in at Star Fish Co. for the best grouper sandwich you’ll ever have…

For more info on The Sea Hagg, check out their website or Facebook page… For more info on Star Fish Co., check out their website