Full Moon Fever

“Without Question” ($175.)

This morning as I sat with a cup of tea, I thought about tonight’s full moon and the effect it may (or may not) have on all of us. It made me think of this piece of art, so, in honor of the full moon,  I thought it was a perfect time to share it… I’ve done several versions of this piece – I just can’t seem to leave it alone. It was originally inspired by a card I made for my girlfriend almost twelve years ago… The quote I wrote for her reads, “The tides are drawn by the moon’s gravitational effect in much the same way I am drawn to you: intensely, uncontrollably, inevitably and without question or hesitation.” This particular version was created with a vintage wood drawer, a tide chart background, paint and paper. I took the photo of the boat in the Virgin Islands when I was a kid. It was a slide I was able to reproduce with a light box and my digital camera.