Hunting & Gathering

Gathering more cool parts and canvasses for pieces that will be shown at Atomic Holiday Bazaar…For more info


One thought on “Hunting & Gathering

  1. Interesting objects Kerry. Can’t wait to see the final piece. I hope you’re well and staying busy. I’ve had a pretty good week here. More ups than downs. My sister in law is doing a craft fair to sell the eye pillows at, so I’ve been gathering that together for her. she worked one last year and loves doing it. It’s the last weekend of november. I’ve been attending the weekly oncology mindfulness based stress reduction group meetings and have ground it so helpful. I have even weaned myself off of the anxiety pills. I feel much better off of them, although there were a few tough withdrawal days. But I’m outta the woods with that one now. 🙂 We’ve got a guy coming out to fix our chimney this week. He may come today to give us a quote. Depending on the weather. He was going to come yesterday buy it drizzled rain all day. I’m going to finish my tea and hop in the shower. Get my day going here. Let me know how things are on your end. Say Hi to Michelle for me, Hugs Becca

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