Post-Show Blues

This time last week my partner and I were set up at Folkfest St. Pete… It was hotter than _______ (insert appropriate expletive here) and there were growing pains as the show was held in a new location this year, but overall I was happy to be out there with my art and we had a good weekend. As is always the case after a big show like this, I have felt a little sad it was over so quickly. We ended up winning 3rd Prize for our booth display so I thought I’d share some photos… More close-up photos of new art to come in the next week or so…

10 thoughts on “Post-Show Blues

  1. Bravo, Kerry and Michelle! Bravo! Thank you so much for sharing!! I love it all and only wish I could have been there to see it in person. You SO deserved 1st place!!

  2. The finished mirror looks fab-o-mundo! I love the overall feeling of your booth. I can see why you & Michelle came in The top three. 🙂

  3. love the booth set up, I know how much work goes into these things so I can really appreciate the ” post blues” enjoy the art work also very intuitive……Pam

    1. Thanks Pam! I think I’m still catching up after getting ready for and doing the show!! Did you ever find any tricks when you were doing shows that made it easier? I enjoyed talking to you about it all while you were here!!

  4. How wonderful to create a special life for yourself by celebrating what you feel and see. I am so jealous! Thanks for looking at my post. I am looking forward to seeing more about your work.

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