Featured Art – “Fortress Around Your Heart”

“Fortress Around Your Heart” (Sold)

This piece began as an idea I had to do a visual interpretation of the song “Fortress Around Your Heart” by Sting. In a Musician magazine interview Sting said:

“Fortress is about appeasement, about trying to bridge the gaps between individuals. The central image is a minefield that you’ve laid around this other person to try and protect them. Then you realize that you have to walk back through it. I think it’s one of the best choruses I’ve ever written.”

After listening to the song and reading the lyrics more times than I can remember, my vision for this piece transformed into something more semi-autobiographical. I thought about how I had put a fortress around my own heart for so long in order to protect it. And I thought about the concept of one’s protector eventually becoming one’s captor. And so, while still retaining some fragments of my original concept, this evolved into a piece about finding the peace and love within yourself so your heart can be set free.

After I started to follow through with my concept, I realized another evolution took place… During each stage of my creation process, there had been someone who contributed something that helped push me to a new level creatively. The contributions were tangible and intangible – tumbled marble tile, rusty stars, a cool old doorknob, insights during a conversation over a cup of tea… These gifts were given out of love and without knowing what they would help create. This piece could have been created without them, but I don’t believe it would have been the same. So, in essence, we all came together to create “peace” and, in turn, created a microcosm for how the world could be…

Paint, tumbled marble tile and various vintage elements on a salvaged wood tabletop.


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