Just Begin

A lot of times for me the most difficult part of creating a new piece of art is simply getting started. Occasionally I will be fortunate enough to have a complete vision for a new piece – like some divine force has allowed me the clarity to see every element and detail. All I have to do is gather what I need and put it all together. But most of the time I have only the first couple of ideas about where a new piece is headed. It seems harder to start these pieces because I have a tendency to want to know more before I begin. For example, I know the inside of the cool vintage drawer in the photo above is supposed to be lined with old sheet music. I KNOW it. I also feel like the nautilus shell I previously posted will be incorporated somehow. What happens after that? I have absolutely no idea.

Art has a life of its own. If I can remember to get out of my own way and trust the creative process, I know I will be led in the right direction. It is definitely a leap of faith – one that I will keep making over and over. So today I will just begin by papering the inside of this cool drawer and see where it takes me… I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Just Begin

    1. Thanks for your comment, credmayne! Looking at the piece with a different perspective can definitely help… In a really stuck moment I have even spoken to it and asked it what it wants to be!

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