Best Laid Plans

Kittie at “work”

I thought I’d work at my art table today, but someone had other plans…

6 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

    1. I know – how do we even get anything done?? Sometimes the cuteness factor is unbearable! I know you must deal with the same thing – I’ve seen photos of Tan Tan on facebook…

  1. Hopefully you got my note…cute, cute pic!! I typed “Awww!” and auto-spellcheck changed it to “sewer”…what’s up with that??!!

    1. Thanks Carol! I wondered what you meant by “sewer” !! I think it’s funny what spellcheck comes up with sometimes… Until I got this second message I thought you were writing in code or something!

  2. yeah tan tan & ruca nudge me and rummage thru my tee’s but it’s crazy in my studio that I think they along with scott run for safety and stay far away…which is a good thing-plus tanner is constantly eatting things he shouldn’t and gets yelled at alot in my studio:)

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