A Change Would Do You Good…

This piece of art is titled “A Change Would Do You Good” – the quote on it reads, “Change is inevitable; Struggle is an option.” I included the photo of this piece because it reminded me so much of the direction I’ve chosen recently with regard to taking my art to the next level.

For a long time I’ve been thinking about how to change the way I market myself and my art. I have always known the internet and social media could be great tools for marketing, but trying to keep up with my old website and all the latest technology started to feel like a struggle… I wanted this aspect of my business to feel like as much fun as the creative aspects feel.

Enter Katie Mehas, Rogue Wordsmith + Arts Advocate. I am so grateful for Katie!! She not only wrote my Artist Statement, she also helped me find new methods for marketing my art online that are so simple and straightforward… and fun!  (Finally –  the computer doesn’t make me want to run in the opposite direction!) The whole process has been enlightening and has helped me see my artist-self in an entirely new perspective.

My new website and daily blog are the results of working with Katie. I’m really excited about using my blog as a creative outlet each day and to share updates on new art and upcoming shows. I know it will enable me to be more connected to the world and, in turn, for the world to be more connected to my art.

P.S. If you need a fresh approach for copywriting or marketing, Katie can be contacted through her website, www.katiemehas.com/contact/

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